The Run

Grant will set off on his almighty Run For Hope on 14th October taking the following route over 5 days...


Day 1, October 14th

●      Start: Mozzo World, Southampton

●      Finish: Portsmouth Ferry Port

●      Total: 41.7km/26.2 miles

Day 2, October 15th

●      Start Ouistreham, France, over the Pegasus Bridge

●      Finish Thiberville

●      Total: 72km/44.7 miles


Day 3, October 16th

●      Start Thiberville

●      Finish  Pacy-sur-Eure

●      Total: 81km/50.3 miles


Day 4, October 17th

●      Start Pacy-sur-Eure

●      Finish CitizenM hotel, Gare-de-Lyon, Paris

●      Total: 84km/52 miles


Day 5, October 18th

●      Start Avenue des Champs-Elysees

●      Finish Irish Cultural Centre, Paris

●      Total: 42.2km/30.3 miles


Your support is needed! Don't panic, there's no need to run but all donations are greatly appreciated…

Grant's Run...