Rebuild Women's Hope

Mela Musa & Claudine Mwegegabe of RWH - Oct '19

Idjwi Island is home to Rebuild Women’s Hope (RWH) Coffee Cooperative, founded by Marcelline Budza in 2013 to truly empower women in one of the toughest countries in the world to be female (A National Geographic study in Oct '19 ranked DRC in the bottom 7 countries worldwide) by enabling the development of entrepreneurial skills and financial independence through coffee farming.


Making up 70% of RWH’s 3058 members, women are the first victims of repeated wars in eastern DRC, subjected to violent crimes, sexual assault and discrimination. Alongside the struggles of being female, carrying a child to term without complications is one of the biggest challenges on Idjwi Island due to lack of medical care, roads, electricity and running water. Tragically, at least 58 women have died during pregnancy since RWH was first formed…


Introduced to RWH in 2019, we are working in partnership with Marcelline, Bertain (Marcelline’s husband and GM of the coop) and the members of the cooperative to help them build positive sustainable futures for themselves, their families and communities.


Find out more about Rebuild Women’s Hope Cooperative and how we are working with them here.