Raised to date

Grant (Mozzo) & Marcelline (RWH) Idjwi Island, Oct ‘19. 

Unveiling plans at the site of the new clinic build, Idjwi Island Jan ‘20

UPDATE: Due to Covid-19 the Paris Marathon has been postponed with no date yet announced. Please stay tuned for clinic progress and fundraising updates, coming very soon...


The people of Idjwi Island (DRC) urgently need a maternity and paediatric clinic. In 2017/18 alone, 17 pregnant women from Idjwi drowned crossing Lake Kivu trying to get to Rwanda or Bukavu seeking maternity services. The alternative route being a 50km journey over the mountains on foot or motorbike on broken roads.


In October ’19 Grant Lang (Mozzo’s founder) visited Rebuild Women’s Hope Cooperative, one of Mozzo Coffee’s C2C Fund™ partners, located on Idjwi Island and was left in no doubt about the need for a maternity and paediatric clinic. Mozzo has contributed £15k through the C2C Fund™ to kickstart the build however, we now need to raise a vital £100k in order to further equip and maintain the clinic for 3 years plus add a critical operating theatre. The clinic will fight against maternal complications and the loss of babies as well as providing vaccinations and preventing disease. 


This can’t come from the C2C Fund™ alone. Motivated by the risk pregnant women of Idjwi Island take travelling to receive healthcare, Grant has committed to running a daunting 200+ mile journey from Mozzo World (Southampton) to Paris in order to raise the £100k. Kicking off on 14th October, Grant will run the equivalent of three ultra-marathons and two marathons over 5 gruelling consecutive days culminating in the Paris Marathon on the 18th, joined by a team of Mozzo Masters and supporters.


Your support is needed! Don't panic, there's no need to run but all donations are greatly appreciated…